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PRE-K/Kindergarten   Age 3-K
Teacher: Hannah Schwarz
Price: $125/semester
Weekly class 9:15 - 11:15am

This combination class will use a literature based learning using 5 In A Row (learn more about 5 in a Row here).  Each week will focus on a classic children's book that will be read aloud and then learning activities based on that book.  As children engage in activities, subjects such as science, art, math, geography, history and social studies will be gently introduced within the context of the literature.  In addition, class time will include:

    •    Free play focusing on building relationships and assisting children in communication and problem solving skills
    •    Gym time
    •    Snack 

Hannah Schwarz is a homeschool graduate who began teaching preschool at Wings Homeschool Coop in Maple Grove in 2011. She has two younger brothers, and learned to babysit and teach through working with them and her mom.  In addition to teaching, she has many nanny families she cares for.  She has been an Explorer with the St Michael Fire Department for 6 years.  Hannah's passions are her faith, family, competitive soccer, caring for children, animals, and serving others.  

Art Class  Grade 1-6
Teacher: Todd Stark
Price: $140/semester + supplies purchased by families as needed

Weekly: 10:00 -11:00 am

Art class will be using the creation verses of Genesis to inspire students to explore the foundation of drawing and design.  Projects will integrate nature as inspiration as students begin to explore watercolor later in the term and year.  

Todd Stark is a new teacher for THRIVE this year who brings years of artistic experience and a passion for nature.  After experimenting with different careers, including working as a registered nurse, he returned to his true calling, completing my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at The College of Visual Arts in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Todd loves working with kids -"When I see a child’s drawing or painting, I really do get excited about what they’ve created. It’s fresh, immediate and free, the way only younger kids see things".​

Gym Class Grade 1-6
Teacher: Jamie Greenberg
Price: $50
Grade 1-6: Alternating weeks 9:00 - 10:00am

Gym class this year will include large group activities, sports, and personal fitness - including strength, flexibility, and coordination.  We will also focus on listening skills and following directions as we work as a team to engage in weekly activities.  

Jamie is a homeschool mom of two boys and joined THRIVE as a family in 2014.  She has a degree in elementary education and coaches gymnastics at Delano High School and through the Delano Community Ed program.  She loves to help kids be active and challenge themselves.

STEM Class (fall term)  Grade 1-6
Teacher: Katie Toews

Class fee: $125/ semester
Weekly: 11:15-12:15

S.T.E.M. stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM is problem-based learning. Children are presented with a problem or task and are to design something that solves the problem. In the process, they activate a variety of different skills. They use science knowledge, math skills, design, test, and will present their ideas. STEM is also about working together and practicing collaboration and verbal communication. S.T.E.M. projects are naturally differentiated because there will always be more than one right way to solve and answer a problem. Also, in this class students will learn and solve problems together, often playing different roles on their team. STEM projects practice skills used in "real world" settings and students will no doubt, THRIVE in the class! :)  STEM projects can range from creating your own board game to building boats and catapults.

My name is Katie Toews and I'll be teaching S.T.E.M. to your wonderful children! I have two kids, Sawyer (2) and Isabelle (6mo).  My husband and I moved to Plymouth two years ago from California. I grew up in Minnesota, so it is nice to be home and live by family now that we are starting a family. Before I had my son, Sawyer, I taught at a private Christian school in southern California for 8 years. I have taught 3rd grade, 4th grade, and special education K-8. I love teaching and was so lucky to be able to share Jesus with my students each day! I have my bachelors degree in social work and elementary education. I also have my masters in school administration and leadership. I am very excited to teach this class and get to know your children! Guiding young minds to create and explore is one of my absolute favorite things!

Spanish (spring term) Grade 1-6

Teacher: Melissa Westmore
Class fee: $100-125
Weekly: 11:15-12:15

An intro to Spanish class that will allow students exposure and use of Spanish language through songs, games and group work.