A COMMUNITY OF christian homeschoolers

We are accepting new students for Fall term of 2016.  Please feel free to fill out and submit your membership forms at anytime to be prepared to register for Fall term. 

Our mandatory pre-term meeting is Monday Aug 30th 10-11am at Maple Plain Community Church where payments and registration forms will be collected.  Questions?  Contact Lisa Compton at 763-843-3411 or email: thrivehomeschool@yahoo.com

The following are required for membership:

  • We prefer you contact us directly to help you with your application process and answer questions.

  • Submit Application for Membership

  • Read and Sign Mission & Faith Statement, Rules of Respect for Family Participation and Liability Waiver and Release Form.

  • Pay the Family Membership Fee of $10 (payable to Thrive Homeschool Co-op) and $20 church usage fee payable to MPCC.

  • Complete aParent/Teacher Agreement form for each class your family will be taking

**Please note that you will be contracting with and paying the teachers directly for any class(es) your child(ren) will be taking.

How to join

How we work

LEADERS - Lisa Compton 763-843-3411  Thrivehomeschool@yahoo.com

we meet mondays at maple plain community church.

  • Each family or individual assumes complete responsibility and liability for themselves, their children, and their personal property during all functions offered by this group.

  • After receiving enrollment forms, THRIVE may contact prospective members to answer questions about coop prior to the start of classes.

  • Only through cooperation and volunteerism will we meet our Mission Statement. All members are requested to volunteer in a weekly set up/clean up position as well as taking a turn being a monitor/teacher’s assistant, if needed.  (Members are required to select job duties upon enrollment.)

  • While our children are in classes, we offer our moms support and spiritual encouragement through monthly Support Group Meetings where we pray, share resources, discuss homeschool needs and concerns, and schedule upcoming field trips. A monthly business meeting is open to all members to discuss future planning, voting, and any special issues which may arise.

  • One parent from each family must remain at the church while their child(ren) attends classes, unless there is an emergency situation, and they have designated another adult to be responsible for their child(ren) in that instance. This may occur on an exception-only basis since THRIVE is not a drop-off facility. Parents must also be present, or provide for other adult supervision of their child(ren), at all other group activities and field trips.